Water Screens, Fountains, and Water Effects
Amaze and enthrall your audience with a spectacular water show
If you are looking to create a feature show for your Theme park, Event or Promotion, a water show will provide you a great after dark entertainment show. The show design could include water screens, fountains and other water effects, but also live performance, projection mapping, LED display and animatronics. Crowd interaction could also be included, as well as ensuring the show system is setup for special events.

Water screens can be used for a variety of media including Video, Lighting and Lasers. The water screen’s unexpected and instant appearance in the middle of a body of water can both surprise and enchant an audience. Images appear to float in the air and are often described by members of the audience as ‘holograms’.

We deliver custom solutions to suit your requirements; systems could be fixed or floating, land based, in a lake, a pool or the sea.

Hydro screen

The hydro screen creates a semi circular spray of water suitable for rear projection with lighting, laser and video. The Hydro Water Screen is created by two borehole pumps driving into a single nozzle.

Jet Screen

Our unique Jet Screen consists of trident jet screen modules which can be used to create any width of screen. The Jet Screen gives much greater wind stability than a hydro screen, and is suitable for video, lighting and laser projection. Each module is 500mm in width and controlled by a variable speed drive. This allows the jet screen not only to perform as a variable height projection screen but also as a fountain system creating an infinite array of patterns and dynamic movement.