Light Art
Light & Laser SFX // Light Trails // Pixel Mapping // Walk-through Experiences
Incredible light effects for your film shoot, pop promo, tour, party or promotion
Our laser systems can be used as part of your lighting design to produce stunning displays of spatial beam effects and animated graphic sequences. We have extensive experience in the use of lasers in entertainment and can provide any level of services within this field. Our team will design and deliver a laser display system for your event, shoot or promotion, or as part of a fixed attraction or show.

If you are creating an event, we can provide you with the right solution from our hire stock. We hold a large number of laser systems in stock a number as well as control solutions.

Light Trails

Transform your space into a magical and interactive light trail attraction with our expertise. Whether you have a greenfield site or a manicured garden, we can help you create seasonal or permanent attractions that generate additional revenue streams for your property.