Motion Controlled // Touch Screens // Kiosks // Games & Consoles
Put your audience at the heart of the story with exciting interactive technologies
Interactive Displays can be used to provide information, create an immersive environment or as entertaining games. In an age of smart phones creating an interactive display which impresses a guest is more challenging, but large form displays still captivate, and physical effects still surprise.

Our team of experts will transform your ordinary space into an extraordinary environment using a combination of interactive technology, experiential design, and audio, visual, and lighting effects. Visitors will participate in the experience and deepen their connection with the environment, thanks to the engaging and interactive designs.

With the use of touch screens, gesture-based controls, and physical buttons, also allows visitors to interact with their environment, further immersing them into the world around them. The unique and memorable experience provided by immersive rooms creates a lasting impression that stays with visitors long after they have left the room.

Whether you need a permanent, temporary, or touring experience, immersive rooms can be used as an educational tool, an experiential marketing space, or a unique form of entertainment, allowing visitors to explore and learn about different worlds, cultures, and environments in a way that is both engaging and memorable.