Projection and Display
Building & Billboard Projections // Building, Mural & Poster Mapping
Paint on new canvasses and activate public spaces for brand experiences and events
The transformation of buildings and architecture creates a greate impact, taking your promotion to the audience, or creating great media for use on all social channels.

We offer a full 3D Projection Mapping Service, with content production by our inhouse team and delivery by our experienced technicians and engineers for events and installations. Our 3D Projection Mapping process will cover every element, from initial designs and concepts, laser scanning of the building or product, or developing and building sets, through to storyboarding and animation, building equipment, and finally setup and installation and operation at site. The design team will look at your 3D Projection Mapping project opportunity and develop a concept based on the messaging, or entertainment you want to create, carefully considering your target audience. Our process is creatively led, looking at the best ways to develop your narrative or story. The concept will be developed, considering the best technology solution.

3D Projection Mapping can be combined with Pixel Mapping Displays as well as Lighting and Lasers, Live Performance and Special Effects. The team offer a full design service, for your project and event, with an expert knowledge of all lighting, display and special effect technologies.

We have been at the forefront of the development of projection mapping, evolving from building projection using large format slides for advertising and promotion. we now design and deliver 3D Projection Mapping displays for Attractions, both for a main display as well as for queue line and immersive dining experiences.

We also delivered projection mapping for both the Automobile and Aviation industries and have exciting projects in development. Our studio utilises the latest in software tools and media servers to deliver your project. The animation team works collaboratively, and animation is created on our high power work stations and rendered on our render farm.laboratively, and animation is created on our high power work stations and rendered on our render farm.